Vehicle for Hire

vehicleForHireBadge.jpgA Vehicle for Hire franchise (herein referred to as VFH) is required for all companies wishing to provide privately paid, contractual or prearranged transportation or any other motor vehicle with a driver transporting passengers for a fare, fee or other charge within the city limits.  This would include taxis, limousine services and shuttles.  All requirements are contained and stated within Chapter 28 of the City of Gainesville Ordinances. 

In general and not all inclusive, the ordinance states that a franchise must have a current occupational license, minimum of two vehicles in the fleet, be properly marked as approved by the City, display the approval VFH medallion, meet the minimum insurance requirements as provided for in FSS 324.032, drivers that have been cleared through criminal history and driver’s license background checks and drivers wear and display the appropriate driver permit issued by the City.

Some things you may want to know when you hire a taxi:

  • The taximeter must be visible and readable to all passengers at all times both day and night; must have a current inspection sticker issued by the State of Florida Bureau of Weights and Measurements; the meter must remain sealed.
  • The taximeter shall be set to compute on a mileage basis while the taxi is moving and time basis when the taxi is stationary.
  • You are entitled to a receipt.
  • You do NOT have to share the transportation with strangers – you are hiring and paying them for YOUR transportation.  
  • You may be charged a special event rate as posted on the taxi when meter is not in use (ie, University of Florida home football games)

The utilization and requirements of VFH at the Gainesville Alachua County Regional Airport Authority is set forth in the airport Resolution.

Complaints regarding alleged violations/infractions, questions or concerns of a franchise company may be submitted to the Gainesville Police Department as follows:

You will be contacted with a response regarding your concern.