School Resource Officers

Big News!  GPD's School Resource Officer Unit was named "2017 Agency of the Year" by the Florida Association of School Resource Officers (FASRO)!  Read more about this prestigious award by clicking here.

The Gainesville Police Department's School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is comprised of full-time, sworn police officers at a majority of public schools within the city. 

The SRO program provides an increased level of effective interaction between the Police Department, students, school officials and parents. This liaison between the Police Department and the Alachua County School District facilitates the rapid resolution of minor problems before they become significant. While SRO’s are fully trained police officers with arrest authority, their primary focus is working with the schools administration to maintain a safer learning environment. 

A typical day for a SRO may include: 

  • Consulting with school officials regarding issues at the school or in the community. 
  • Investigating the circumstances surrounding crime which may have occurred on the school grounds. 
  • Conflict intervention/resolution between students. 
  • Providing advice to a troubled student. 
  • Teaching law-related topics to students in a classroom setting. 
  • Building a positive rapport with the students at the schools.

      School Resource Officer Unit Supervisor                                                              
     Lt. Robert Koehler
     School Resource Officer Sergeant 
     Sgt. Jermaine Hutchinson
     School Resource Officer Sergeant
     Sgt. Matthew Walters