Special Operations Unit (SOU)

The Special Operations Unit (SOU) is tasked with the investigation of all burglaries that occur in the Gainesville city limits, no matter if they are residential, business or auto burglaries.

The SOU uses a mixture of uniform and covert operations to successfully investigate and deter burglaries.  SOU officers are a sort of "road detective" that has the luxury of being out in the field, but are not normally dispatched to routine calls for service.  This gives them a chance to commit their time and resources to solving these property crimes.

SOU members routinely work with local pawn shops to track stolen merchandise.  

The Special Operations Unit is also tasked with Gang Intervention and the investigation of street-level narcotics.  The skills of these officers ensure the safety and security of all citizens in Gainesville.

SOU Supervisors

Lieutenant Jeff Blundell

Sergeant Rob Fanelli

Sergeant David Blizzard