Officer Patricia Gould

2016 Officer of the Year, Patricia Gould

Officer Trish Gould has been selected as the Officer of the Year for 2016!

Officer Patricia Gould is one of the hardest working officers on midnight shift.

Officer Gould never stops patrolling her zone, and as a result always seems to end up in the right place at the right time when crimes occur.

During the month of October Ofc. Gould interrupted a burglary spree that had been plaguing Delta Zone (and many other parts of the city) for months.  A citizen called to report that 2 suspects were tampering with the rear gate at Gainesville Buick / GMC.  Due to the fact that Ofc Gould was already conducting patrols in this area, she was on top of the burglary while it was still in progress.  Ofc. Gould witnessed the suspects ram a vehicle into the gates while trying to escape.  Both suspects fled on foot and Ofc. Gould immediately called out a perimeter (initially while giving chase).  Ofc. Gould is one of the best at establishing perimeters on the fly and without this; these suspects surely would have escaped.  This often overlooked skill combines an intimate knowledge of an officer’s assigned geographic region with the ability think and act calmly under pressure.

Ofc. Gould knew the potential routes of escape and she placed officers in the right places.  As a result, both suspects were contained within the perimeter and officers were able to locate and take them into custody without incident.  Officer Rogers continued his track of the second suspect.  It led through the construction area, south on the rails to trails and then to the front of Florida Pest Control.  They located a third suspect trying to hide at the front of the business.  He was taken into custody as well.

The suspects were responsible for SEVERAL burglaries that night, in addition to the stolen vehicle.  Additionally they had been burglarizing vehicles in the area for weeks and one of the suspects had previously stolen vehicles from the same dealership.

Ofc Gould’s knack for being in the right place at the right time and having the ability to set perfect perimeters under pressure, once again helped to take 2 very active criminals off the streets.

Officer Gould consistently stands out as a top performer on midnight shift and is highly deserving of Officer of the Year for 2016.